Friday, February 02, 2007

How do they know?

I was sent a link, which was quite curious..... I've seen it before, but now I have a blog, so I can bore you all with it ;)

I put in my date and got my Birth tree as:

Elm Tree, the noble-mindedness
Pleasant shape, tasteful clothes, modest demands, tends not forgive mistakes, cheerful, likes to lead but not to obey, honest and faithful partner, tends to a know-all-attitude and making decisions for others, noble-minded, generous, good sense of humour, practical.

Which is a pretty good descriptor of me.

BabyCakes got:

Ash Tree, the Ambition Uncommonly attractive, vivacious, impulsive, demanding, does not care for criticism, ambitious, intelligent, talented, likes to play with its fate, can be egoistic, very reliable and trustworthy, faithful and prudent lover, sometimes brains rule over heart, but takes partnership very serious.

Which I'm sure he'll agree with (especially the uncommonly attractive bit).

Interestingly, I share a birthday (not date) with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr; and BabyCakes shares a birthday (not date) with John F. Kennedy, Jr. - weird!

Having recently discovered that more people than I realised are reading my blog, I have adjusted my blog now so that anyone can leave comments if they wish, but non-members' posts will need approval before they will be published (to try and reduce spam).

If you feel like leaving a message on this post or any others, past or present, please do so!


James said...

Yay! i cant leave usefull comments like this one! awesome!

The Wah said...

Hazelnut Tree, the Extraordinary
Charming, undemanding, very understanding, knows how to make an impression, active fighter for social cause, popular, moody and capricious lover, honest and tolerant partner, precise sense of judgement.

Im am that damn good!


The Wah said...

I can't seem to spell when announcing how fantabulous i am.. it is am flaw of the insanely gifted

um.. yeah!