Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Birthday BabyCakes!

I love you :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mind the Bump!

This is me at 19 weeks, 2 days. I wasn't overly happy with the bump picture at the time, so did not share it - might have also had something to do with being tired and having limited recreation time!

This one is me at 24 weeks and 5 days. Syill not happy with how fat I look, compared to how pregnant I look...

This is 26weeks and 4 days.

I'm now 27 weeks and 6 days, so this was taken just over a week ago.

I'm starting to feel like I have ceased to be me and have simply become the host of Squiddley Diddley...

These photos are not flattering at all - I don't feel as big as these photos make me look! In fact the scales agree - motherhood has been good to my body, mostly, so far.

Tomorrow I officially reach 28 weeks, which is officially the third trimester. As my Obstetrician said today, it is a big milestone.

My breathing is getting shallower as bubs is pushing up under my ribs (and getting in some good kicks too!). In the last few days the movements have been changing - I think there is less swimming and more co-ordination to the exercises - there is definitely more strength. She can take me sit up straighter, stop mid sentence or make me need to pee in an instant.

It is good though.

Every day I get to feel her and know her.

I'm looking forward to meeting her in about 3 months time!

Life has been moving on - BabyCakes had a big weekend a few back, and took over 300kg of green waste to the dump and found a new favorite toy on the process. We were loaned an amazing saw on a pole which BabyCakes loved so much he googled it, and found out it was worth about $700 - ouch! With the storm that has his this week we were very glad he'd attacked the tree he did, when he did. I'm sure it saved us work (and probably cost too).

I've applied for a full time government job. The job would offer some security and a pay rise - and a single employer! I submitted the application on the weekend ad don't have a clue when/if they will contact me - wish me luck!

Christmas is approaching, which is exciting and daunting both. I'm looking forward to the inevitable catching up that happens around the festive season, but the speed at which it is approaching is amazing. I suppose I'll have to look at Christmas shopping soon!

The baby shower was great - so much fun. I was also very lucky in the gifts that I received, a sewing machine, some gorgeous baby clothes, and some very cute Modern Cloth Nappies - but more about them anon!

Oh, and we discovered we have termites.... but we should be able to sort them out reletively easily due to catching them early...

and we bought a new washing machine. We must be domestic, because we weren't even close to temped to chuck in a wide screen TV while we were there!

I think that's enough for now... chat soon.