Thursday, April 10, 2008

It Could Have Been Better, it Could Have Been Worse

Yesterday I went to the US Consulate in Sydney. I was not immediately denied a US Visa, but I wasn't approved one either. I have to got to a panel physician for a physical because my offense was less than 5 years ago. Thankfully, they have a panel physician in Brisbane. I called yesterday and made an appointment for today (which, I again have to pay for out of pocket). I also decided to go for a 5 year visa and pay the less than $30 fee, rather than opting for the free 1 year visa. I don't know if we'll travel again in the next 5 years... but a $30 insurance against the hundreds of dollars the process has cost me this time.... worth it! The guy at the consulate indicated that I have a very good chance of having my health (and visa) approved given my otherwise clean record.

Hopefully today's appointment will be fairly straight forward, and I'll be able to get a visa.

I also went to a corset shop in Sydney while I was there. It was somewhat odd. I called and emailed last week to make sure they would have the corsets I wanted to try on in stock. I got a response of "Yes, they are." But they weren't. I did get to try on one that was kind of similar... and one that fit around the body, and one that fit in the bust, but not one that was similar, that fit my bust and body... Given the slim pickings everywhere else though, I did order (a pretty much custom) one.

With any luck, it will be delivered to me late next week, and it will fit.

So, it was a positive day, but I did not get the task complete feeling that I was looking for. Life is never dull, and I don't think I want it to be either.

The most amazing part of my day was watching the sun rise at the airport, and the cliché clouds below and sun above views out of the plane window as I flew to Sydney. They were truly stunning and wonderfully peaceful sights, which made me very happy to feel alive and see the beauty in amongst the stress I'm feeling. I wish I could describe what I saw and do it justice. I might have to try.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Never Ending Lists

Lists are starting to move beyond being "good" to being "necessary".

Lists help me sleep at night. I write down what I need to do, see, talk about, look at, re-think. Then when I climb into bed at night, my heads slows down surprisingly quickly, and I fall asleep - though it might also have something to do with the near constant state of tiredness that I'm in too...

I put more stock in the lists than the tiredness, having had my share of insomnia moments.

BabyCakes and I seem to be spending surprisingly small abouts of time together, due to our diverse schedules. The time we do spend together we cling to, sometimes making parting very hard. I think we are both longing for our honeymoon holiday, and having a chance to just be us for a while.

The play is progressing well. As with most rehearsal schedules, now is the time when people don't really want to be there, but when they need to be there (myself included). We're dangerously close to the tech and dress rehearsals, and I feel under-prepared. I have deliberately stepped away from a lot of the organisational aspects both because I don't have time, and because I don't want to step on the Stage Manager's toes. Unfortunately, I've just discovered that the SM has never SMed before, and it shows in her confidence level, and her understanding of her role. I might need to have a quiet sit down with her and give some advice.

Tomorrow I go to Sydney and the US Consulate. I'm nervous as heck too. I know it shouldn't be a big problem, but it is off putting. I'll be glad to have tomorrow over and done with, be back at home and a lot more settled. Hopefully I'll also have a corset for under the big white dress too - that's been a stumbling block, given it is a FOUNDATION garment, so far I've not had the foundation required for building the rest of the garment! Before the corset aficionados out there get too carried away - the corset will be more of a girdle than a classic corset... I need a 50s look more than I need a new toy.

We're moving into the stage of organisation for the wedding where people are wanting their money... it is very nerve wracking to see so much money going out, with the money coming in not even close to matching it! Don't get me wrong, we've saved up to money to be spent.. but I don't like seeing so much go out when it has taken so long to save it! I guess that will probably stand me in good stead to save up for the next project and the next...