Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Time Flies When You're Baking a Bun

It's been a while between posts as I've been struggling to stay awake past 8pm! The sad thing is, I got really excited when I started sleeping all the way through the night again.. early on I was averaging about 3 loo trips a night thanks to pregnancy bladder. Building a baby is tiring work, but I think I've worked out why.

This time next week our baby should be fully formed, but tiny (about 10cms). How cool is that?? A tiny little person. After that, baby grows and matures, but nothing much gets "built".

Last week we went for a scan, and got to see our wiggly bub. One doesn't expect anything less than two arms and two legs, but it is heartening to see them. We also saw the stomach, bladder, brain lobes, skull thickness, heart chambers, spine and face (albeit a weird looking face so far), and I have to say, I've never been so glad to hear "average" mentioned so often in my life!

Here it looks like baby is sucking a thumb:

Baby wave? Or baby rubbing eyes?
In this one, the big white blob on the right is baby's shin, the little white blob to the left of it is the umbilical chord.
The same day the scans were taken my jeans started getting painfully tight... I either have to retire them for a while or look at getting a belly belt thingie.

Energy has become a precious commodity, and during the week nothing much besides work gets done, then on weekends, there is a mad catch up.

I started wedding thank you notes over a month ago, most are written but sitting in a pile, and some are still waiting to be written. Those expecting one, please be patient, I'm not trying to be rude, I'm just barely functioning as a human being.

Work is going well, routines are stating to be formed which is great. At this stage it looks like I'll be working about 38 hours a week across the 3 jobs, which is tiring - lots more travel time - but I'm getting paid more than I used to earn, so that is somewhat satisfying! Working at La Boite has been very cool - nice to be on a theatre payroll again and new skills are always welcome!

Last week I had a surprisingly emotional response to to a letter from the credit union - I cried! They decided to put our mortgage rate up again due to rising costs. I think I had emotionally invested in thinking that if rates stayed the same, we could cope... the rise was emotionally a kick in the guts... and I fell over. I think it has taken me nearly a week to get over/cope with it!

This post has taken me about two hours to write, so I might post what I have, and write again sooner if I think of anything!