Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Good Morning World

I must be getting more sleep than I was, because today I woke at 3:30 and could not get back to sleep.

After laying in bed some time with my mind ticking away furiously I decided I would be better off with some quiet time before routine imposes itself upon me.

Life has been good. It has certainly not dull, but I feel more centred and able to cope with life at the moment than I have in a long long time.

Days tend to melt into each other with little pockets of change but there is an underlying level of contentment that is very satisfying.

BabyCakes is working hard, and having a frustrating time with a big project, but hopefully one day soon the job will end and we can move on from it and not have to deal with all the drama that seems to emanate from the project.

Miss Squid is growing and evolving in front of our eyes in the most wonderful ways. Her vocabulary is growing and she surprises us almost daily with new words. In the last week we have had some social events with her cousins and second cousins, and have really noticed how tall she is getting. She needs to work on her sharing skills a little more, but I think that is all a part of growing up.

I think all three of us have found a bit of a pattern in life and are glad to maintain the routines, which for my money, are much better than the manic mayhem that tends to develop without them. Some days I do wonder if I'm getting a little boring but I do realise that this is not my life forever, just for now, until something else comes along to move the centre of balance.

I hope I find more time and energy to write again soon.