Tuesday, September 23, 2008

CCB: Crazy Cat Baby!

Someone on a forum I'm on suggested the nickname and I think my bump can be referred to as the CCB :) I think it's cute.

The bump has started to make it's presence known more and more each day. I had quite a few people register surprise when I showed them pictures or told them we're expecting a girl - they hadn't realised I was pregnant, so it seems I was quite comfortably in the "Is she fat or is she pregnant?" zone. It makes it easier to take when the sonographer called me skinny!

I'm feeling good, and enjoying pregnant for the most part when I can ignore the almost instantaneous cravings one has when one is told "You shouldn't". Guilt is a powerful motivator and whilst I'm being far more liberal than some pregnant women, the risks I take are weighed against the size of the craving and or the size of risk itself. When you consider that poorly washed lettuce is quite a big risk of Listeriosis, it can impact a lot on one's desire to eat (in a moderately healthy fashion) in a public place!

I'm delighted to have a day off from any paid work today, to be able to do some of those unpaid things that tend to pile up during the work-eat-sleep-eat-work-eat-sleep cycle. Returning calls that can only be made in office hours, wedding the garden, tidying up the mountain of papers that accumulate through the house, putting away the baby stuff that accumulates, the list can go on and on (it certainly feels like it).

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Technology is an Amazing Thing.


It has been a while since I posted - but a lot seems to be happening. Next Wednesday will see the official half way mark of the pregnancy - how fast did that go??

We were delighted this week to get a chance to see bubs again, wiggling away in my belly. We even got a DVD of the whole scan so that we can show grandparents, and keep a record for bubs too. Baby was kicking and waving her arms, but abstained from flips (which is good from a sonography point of view!) I think the Ultra sounds might be a bit louder for developing ears - she (yes, she) kept kicking out at the scanner when we were trying to count her toes (10 - yay!) and kept turning away, and trying to cover her face with her hands (5 fingers each - yay!) /arms. She was at one point rolling away and was face down just to make things interesting!

The things they check for these days are amazing. Club feet, cleft palate, holes in the heart chamber walls, spinal condition, kidney/stomach function, lung development, cataracts, herniated diaphragm... the list goes on. Another instance where we were delighted to hear "average" and "normal" :) Our little girlie hid her genitals from us for quite a while, and it wasn't until the last 5 minutes of the 90 minute process that we were able to get a 99% confirmation of gender. BabyCakes was delighted to be proven right (he's said from the day after the pee-on-a-stick that it was a girl), and has already promised her a pink football.

The night of the scan we went out and bought little pink cot linen... and some pink ugg boots that were on special and too cute to pass up!

So, baby stuff has featured heavily recently, but as always, is not the whole of our life.

I have four jobs, which as expected keeps me busy, and BabyCakes has been hard at work trying to keep the commissions coming in. We were very happy this week to receive a letter from our credit union saying they are passing on the RBA's cut in official interest rates - yay! That means our mortgage didn't quite get to the threatened high, and keeps the repayment under the round figure mark... small victories, but you have to celebrate them!

La Boite Theatre Company is currently hosting The Wishing Well, which has been very well received by those that have attended, but unfortunately, not that well attended. The show closes tonight, but if my shift late this week is anything to go by, hopefully the last couple of shows will fill up nicely. My in-laws went to see the show in week one of the season, and very much enjoyed the show.

I've promised to take BabyCakes out for a night out to see the next La Boite Theatre Company season show, Attack of the Attacking Attackers, which looks like a lot of fun (they've just upgraded the warnings of Medium level coarse language, Sexual References, Adult Themes, Depictions of Violence too... which should get some more bums on seats). In between the seasons there are also other visiting shows, which means more work for me... YAY!

I have a shift today, which means I probably should be getting ready for that instead of blogging ;)

We went camping last weekend, which was fun, I will tell you more about it anon.... I really do need to get moving!

It is my sister's Birthday today, so Happy Birthday L, if you are reading!