Tuesday, September 23, 2008

CCB: Crazy Cat Baby!

Someone on a forum I'm on suggested the nickname and I think my bump can be referred to as the CCB :) I think it's cute.

The bump has started to make it's presence known more and more each day. I had quite a few people register surprise when I showed them pictures or told them we're expecting a girl - they hadn't realised I was pregnant, so it seems I was quite comfortably in the "Is she fat or is she pregnant?" zone. It makes it easier to take when the sonographer called me skinny!

I'm feeling good, and enjoying pregnant for the most part when I can ignore the almost instantaneous cravings one has when one is told "You shouldn't". Guilt is a powerful motivator and whilst I'm being far more liberal than some pregnant women, the risks I take are weighed against the size of the craving and or the size of risk itself. When you consider that poorly washed lettuce is quite a big risk of Listeriosis, it can impact a lot on one's desire to eat (in a moderately healthy fashion) in a public place!

I'm delighted to have a day off from any paid work today, to be able to do some of those unpaid things that tend to pile up during the work-eat-sleep-eat-work-eat-sleep cycle. Returning calls that can only be made in office hours, wedding the garden, tidying up the mountain of papers that accumulate through the house, putting away the baby stuff that accumulates, the list can go on and on (it certainly feels like it).


Jacqui said...

ha! enjoy the clean house while you can.... it's exciting being halfway through hey? good luck hope you are feeling well!

Crazy Cat Lady said...

Well I had good intentions in trying to tidy.... but it feels like I made the smallest dent in the piles.