Wednesday, October 01, 2008

A Challenge....

This was a challenge posted on a friend's blog, that had been challenged to her. The rules are if you want to find out why the names are on the list, you have to commit to the challenge for yourself (if you don't have a blog I'm sure you could facebook or whatever it).

If you want to give it a go, let me know and I'll send the list through privately to you.

It made me think. It is not a bad/mean spirited thing.

I don't usually use identifiable names on my blog, but given it is a simple list until you get the key questions, I figure most people are unidentified anyway.

1. Bob
2. Simon
3. I'm very glad to say, no one :)
4. Debi
5. me
6. Simon
7. Leigh
8. Caroline
9. Lexi
10. Anne
11. Probably me, before BabyCakes
12. I know so many...
13. Natalie
14. Lauren / BabyCakes
15. Anke (but not right now... and I have no idea why!)
16. Sean
17. Lexi
18. Maddy / BabyCakes
19. Anke
20. Leigh
21. Bob
22. Caroline
23. My bosses...
24. I'm very glad to say, no one
25. Anke
26. BabyCakes
27. Lexi
28. James
29. BabyCakes
30. Go on, admit it, you're curious as to why your name is on this list!


Girl Clumsy said...

Man, there could be so many reasons why I'm on your list...

1. The person you know with the biggest hair.

2. The person you know with the biggest arse.

3. The person who most identifies with the phrase "vain, attention-seeking validation addict".

4. The person you know who was mostly recently on the radio.

5. The person who's dating an evil super-villain.

So many reasons.... ;)

Anne C. said...

Renee, I am catching up on the blog after quite an absence! Anwyays...why I could be on the list...

1. Person most likely to do a cross-stitch for baby's arrival...
2. Person with the biggest insecurity about her weight...
3. Person most likely to step in as bridesmaid...
4. Person with the most outstanding hair dye need!
5. Person married to a WoW geek...

and it goes on! :)