Friday, February 23, 2007

Hurry Up and Wait.

The title is a saying my Dad is very fond of, and I think of it as I wait to hear more news of his health. Dad had a heart attack and subsequent bypass surgery just after his 50th birthday.

Today he had chest pains and went to hospital.... but he's 1000kms away in Sydney, on business.

We don't know much at all, not even whether it is a heart attack - they have to wait on tests. We don't know if he can come home, we don't know if he'll need more surgery.

Dad often said since his surgery that he felt better than new.

This is a bit scary!


Girl Clumsy said...

Hey Renee...

Sorry to hear about your Dad - things like that are always worse at a distance, when you feel like you're too far away to help.

But don't worry, I'm sure your Dad will be fine, and back up in Brissie in no time.

All the best, Natalie.

Crazy Cat Lady said...

We got word this evening that Dad did not have a heart attack, which is great news.

He is allowed to fly home! He has to see his doctors to see why he had this pain (it could be angina or the like), but the overriding thought is that no heart attack is great news!!!

It's been a stressful day - BabyCakes' Mum also had to go to her doctor (a week after chemo), the doctor hasn't sent her to hospital this time, which is positive news.

Things seem to be settling down.