Friday, February 09, 2007

The good news, and the bad news...

The good news is that you don't have to read about my home improvement plans as much any more!

The bad news is, I dare say that you will learn all about the ins and outs of preparing for a modern wedding in the coming months!

Having said that... Ikea have another $10,000 voucher give away - I'm entering, because if I win, that means there will be more money to spend on the wedding AND I still get a kitchen!

I've already tried on dresses... it's not as big a "Muriel" moment as it might seem - I only went to look and try and get an idea of styles, but I guess at midday midweek, there are not a lot of customers, so the lady encouraged me to try some on. It was great fun! You get such great personalised service, they help do the dresses up, they lent you sparkles and veils and even a bustier to get the right look. I stood there in my undies while the lady went off and kept getting me more dresses to try on! When I looked at the price of the dresses, it was easier to see how they can be so helpful! ;)

I also learned that either I'm ahead of the fashions (only time will tell) or I'm completely unfashionable (which is quite likely). They had NOTHING in the length of dress I wanted, and all the dresses I tried on had trains of varying lengths. They were fun to play dress ups in, but not what I want. We did work out why I had suspected all along, that a corset style bodice with a simple (but bouffant-ish) skirt flatters my shape. I'm contemplating a custom made corset - one doesn't get that opportunity to splash out that way very often! I did have a look through the Vollers online catalogue the other day - which was an interesting task till I worked out there is a glitch with Firefox that means you have to click on buttons about 1.5 cms under where they appear!), and I also looked at Gallery Serpentine's corsets. Unfortunately Gallery Serpentine don't seem to have any patterns in the style I really like, with the shaped cup (see style v1106 in the Vollers catalogue) .

I might contact them today and see what my options are. Given they are at least in the same country as I, it would make things a lot easier to be able to get fitted and ask for personal details rather than just ordering and hoping for the best! I don't mind the shape of the Femme Fatale Strapless, but prefer the front fastening busk of the Edwardian.

I have a while to make up my mind as to what I want ;)


esie75 said...

Renee, as you know I have 2 x Gallery Serpentine corsets, and 1 x Vollers corset. As much as I love my GS corsets, I feel that the Vollers corset is much better quality - probably reflected in the price, even with JJ discount! Considering that this is your wedding & you will have it on all day, and that you will continue wearing the corset afterwards, I would probably spend the extra and get the Vollers corset.

Rastas said...

Any corset is fine by me.... But I am that sort of bloke!

Gee, that did not read well, rephrase to "any corset YOU wear is fine by me" as I am clearly not fussy.