Tuesday, November 07, 2006

What One Has Not Had, One Should Not Moon Over?

Ikea gave away the $10k to the wrong person.... They didn't pull my name from the hat. Do they not know that now my flat is destined to mismatch forever? Ahh well, I've heard that Ikea is not a fun place to visit on the weekends at the moment - no car parks, too crowded to be able to actually see anything, open draws, touch the displays, and they are out of stock on an inordinate amount of items... Lucky that I was too lazy to go out on Sunday, else I would have found these things out for myself, and not via a work colleague of BabyCakes!

My ticket has been booked to go to Sydney this weekend, which we discovered is the same weekend I'd agreed to feed the Folks' dogs... but BabyCakes has agreed to take up that mantle so that everything can go ahead as scheduled.

I think BabyCakes' mum is in for surgery this week, which is huge. I am hoping and praying that everything goes well and a minimum of both surgery and radio/chemotherapy is needed.

I also have a huge week at work lined up, as is often the case, there is the rush to get reports done before Christmas, and the boss is going O/s again, so we have some rather firm deadlines... I'd rather we got some of these things done prior to the last week, so I'm quite happy to be wrangling this project now... I suppose I should get to work, and do some more!

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