Friday, November 03, 2006

I Would be a Happy Little Consumer!

Advertising works on me. Product placement works on me. I know how they happen, I know why they happen, and it still works!

I think I would be a tragic trend follower if I had more money. I think my lack of money keeps me from making some really big mistakes!

When I was a teenager, I detested my hair... my lank, lifeless, flat hair! It was the late eighties, early nineties, big hair was in. I was a depressed high school student, because there wasn't enough money to buy me the big hair I needed to be fashionable... I could tease my hair, use half a can of hair spray, get a look I liked.... for ten minutes, then my hair went flat again. The upside of the tragic (unfashionable) lifestyle I was forced to lead, I noticed at the turn of the century (my goodness doesn't that sound posh!). When looking at my high school photos, people would laugh at my highly fashionable and popular friends, whereas I (much like high school), managed to be hardly noticed in the background - at least I wasn't getting laughed at again!

I want a mobile phone with a camera on it, I want a new kitchen, new bathroom, a wall mounted widescreen TV, I want new clothes, I want a new hairstyle every 6 weeks (complete with colour), I want overseas holidays, I want a holiday destination every year with activities beyond dinner and a movie, I want a personal trainer... but I don't want the bills!

I will not have all those things, this year. I will have to see what fits into my budget, and in time, the less important things will slip by the wayside, and the more important ones will get paid for.

I do not have a credit card (not one that actually gives me credit anyway), there are more threats that my home loan will cost me more *again*. My loan is less than 6 months old... two rate rises so far, another one due if I believe the forecasts...

I'm glad that while I may fall victim to the pretty bells, whistles and sparkling lights of the advertising, I have known for a lot of years that what I want and what I can afford are vastly different, and the up sides of that fact. I've also learnt that saving up for the big things is worth it. Eventually, one tends to have to sacrifice less and one feels the benefits more - Roll on those days!!

........................... But wouldn't it be nice if that day could be today?
(Dang, now I have to get to work)

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