Thursday, November 16, 2006

Eloping Has its Charm

Do I really need to say much more?

Dad found some wedding book things at his work, and he brought one home for my sister and I to look at (or put ideas in our heads... neither one of us is engaged). I've had a flick through, and combined with my recent dress buying trip... I get a title like the one above.

Weddings are starting to scare me - a far cry from the romantic idyll women are supposed to expect/want/crave. Despite knowing that elopement is not really an option, I can understand how it happens, and I'm not even engaged!

I do know though, if I ever get married, it is going to be as small and as un-fussy as I can manage it! Anyone that knows the size of my family might have their doubts about how successful I'd be.

All I know is that weddings are big business and big money... but for some reason marriage counselling/support/advice is not... the cynic in me wonders how long it will be until the lawyers start advertising in the bridal guides... (or am I so new to the industry that I just haven't seen it yet?)

I want my marriage to be a lifetime, and the wedding just a day...

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The Wah said...

marriage is bogus!


... i have spoken