Thursday, November 23, 2006

I'm Getting Old and Grumpy

Every time I don't get the service I expect, I tend to wonder if I'm being unrealistic in my expectation. Having said that, I'm really not happy with the process of purchasing a door. I had no idea that it would be so troublesome. Today I called the door company *again* and spoke to someone else. The conversation started like this:

Her: "Good afternoon, welcome to *insert company name*"
Me: "Good afternoon, may I speak with *insert name of rep who sold me the door four and a half weeks ago, happily taking my money....*?"
Her: "No "
Me: "Er, may I talk to someone about my order?" etc.

After more giggling and laughing at my comments and calling me "Darl" several times (which I can usually accept in the vein it was intended, today the familiarity of it annoyed me no end), she told me she'd have to send more emails to head office and call me back tomorrow... I've had the "email head office" used at me in several phone calls, I'll be pleasantly surprised if someone calls me back before I have to start chasing them again...

The four weeks it was going to take to make my non-standard door was up last week... they were waiting on glass... non-standard of course.... and now the "lady" I spoke to today tells me that I might not get my door in this round because lots of people are waiting...


A *large* door company advertises a sale, takes money for doors on order.... and then cannot supply the doors... I was barely prepared to wait the four weeks... it'll be a minimum of six weeks, and could well be more.

No Fuss? My arse!

To top it all off, my door handle on the existing door is getting exceedingly cantankerous, but it was supposed to be replaced last week.... (about the same time we had to start allowing an extra 30 seconds to be able to get in or out of the place, to deal with the stupid handle).

< /rant >


Rastas said...

Got a door yet????

Crazy Cat Lady said...


*grump grump grump*

The glass finally arried, but it seems it needs a week for it to be installed and sent to QLD, and another week to actually book an appointment to have it installed...

I'm starting to think I'll be lucky if I get it before Christmas...

What's the bet they will have installation issues/delays, because everyone wants doors installed now?

(who would have thought that, after a big sale???)