Monday, November 13, 2006

BabyCakes Suprised Me!

Whilst I was away in Sydney trying on dresses and hanging out with my brother, BabyCakes not only cleaned the flat and did all the laundry.... he painted the bedroom ceiling! It was a lovely surprise, and completely unexpected, even more so because he has spent a great deal of time telling me how much he hates painting!

This is what the cornices used to look like (and still do in the vast majority of the flat), the past owner, in their infinite wisdom, made them part of the wall, painting them the same colour. This is not how cornices are usually painted, and was one of the many things that bugged me about the flat! I think BabyCakes was more furstrated by the weird and somewhat concerning sticky tape marks on the ceiling, which obviously held a poster of some sort to the ceiling.... at apprximately his crotch level when he was laying on his side of the bed!! - needless to say, those marks are now gone!

The cornices have been reclaimed as part of the ceiling, the ceiling is one colour, and looks neater. I've been told not to look at the drip marks and the one spot that for some reason the paint decided to bubble. For a far from perfect starting surface, a newly learned skill, and a completely unexpected project, it is absolutely fantastic.

I'm lucky to have found BabyCakes, and luckier to have him want to stick around!

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Rastas said...

Baby cakes can come and live with us... I am sure the Primrose Goddess will appreciate a "willing" helper (not me)