Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Camping Cats...

BabyCakes and I are planning to go camping the weekend of the 24th/25th of November. We want to go see The Cat Empire play at The Ettamogah Pub, and we do not want to drive home!
We thought we'd dust off the camping gear which has hardly seen the light of day since The Woodford Folk Festival last year... It was a hot, rushed, stressful, under-prepared, and for being surrounded by so many people, a quite a lonely experience. Given that BabyCakes and I survived that, so relatively early in the piece, stands us in good stead for the rest of our relationship! However, once we got home, camping was not forefront in our minds for quite some time! (at least BabyCakes did not burn the tent as he threatened!)

Time has now numbed us to the down sides of the trip, and experience has seen us purchase a large over tarp (and poles) to help protect us from the sun and rain, and fills the delightfully human need to define our space... (ggggrrrrrrr rwwwoaaaarr! mine!) The sun protection thing was the most important factor in my mind for buying it... not being able to sleep past 8 am, despite working until 2am the night before, kinda sucked!

We are looking at staying at the Forrest Glen Resort (sounds swanky - they even have ensuite campsites!), which gives us a spot pretty close to the pub to sleep, and an opportunity to test out our new purchases, and make sure our older stuff still works!

If anyone (who knows us, and) who lives locally and is looking for an excuse to go camping, please feel free to come along too (let us know, so we can catch up!).


Rastas said...

Just so happens I have that weekend off, BUT I am sure it is the Monty Python night that we have been planning for MONTHS!!!

CCL, your timing sucks!!!

Have a good camp!

Crazy Cat Lady said...

serves you right I guess, for planning a Monty Python night without me :P