Sunday, January 21, 2007

Cat and mouse...

The cat and I have settled into a new pattern. She goes outside now during the day, or at least is allowed to. She sometimes comes back in through an open window (without fly screen) and hides from the neighbours cat. Once she is in to be fed at dusk, she stays inside. Sometimes she meows plaintively at the door but we talk back to her her and she usually comes and sits with BabyCakes and myself.

I still have to keep all the windows with screens closed enough that she can't get enough leverage on them to push the screens out, but this seems to be a workable compromise - at least she doesn't seem as manic as before.

As for the mouse? It was a gift from my brother resident in Texas USA. A few years ago he sent me a geeky gamers mouse (for my computer). It was a laser mouse which had a fan in it, to keep ones hand from getting sweaty. It was a bit odd to get used to, but I did use it in hot weather. Most of the time however, I had the fan switched off as it developed an annoying rattle in it and was disturbingly loud. Last week though, the laser died, and with it, the mouse lost all usefulness and I had to let it go (and buy a new one).

BabyCakes is off today to have fun at the Big Day Out.

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