Monday, October 30, 2006

Party Party Party!

This is BabyCakes making a deal with the Devil! I'm not sure yet what deal he is making, but it might be for a Halloween outfit that doesn't involve make up next year....

We had a fun night at a friend's Halloween party, everyone was all dressed up and bought along delightfully gross food to eat... no end of eyeballs, toenails, boogers and brains! I must admit, I wanted to try one of the eggs, but millions of years of evolution made my brain very very much balk at eggs *that* colour... they looked so WRONG!!!

The punch was not only tasty, but had eyeballs (lychees with cherry pupils) and an ice hand floating in it!

I did my usual trick, of being just a little bit off centre with my choice of outfit, and went as a cereal killer.... my Weetbix were suitably scared of my giant spoon! My giant spoon also came in handy when I valiantly saved the house from being burnt down at great personal cost to me! - a piece of plastic decoration got too close to a candle and started burning (the whole house down), and I, and my spoon, swooped in to save the day! Unfortunately the giant plastic skeleton was not so keen to die again, and took a swipe at me, by means of dripping hot plastic on me... the spoon too, but spoons are strong and feel no pain, whereas I, I had to say "Ow ow ow" a lot, until I got the plastic off me....

Gee parties are exciting!! Mind you, one knows one is getting older, when one has been to a party, had a great time, and still home and tucked up in bed by midnight!

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Girl Clumsy said...

Hey Renee!

You too have now joined the cult of Blogger - which is cool, because now I can link to you!

Can't believe you're obsessed with Ikea - I have developed a massive hard-on (it's the best description really) for the place & am going to have so much fun at the new store when I get home. You'll have to come Ikea-ing with me!!!

Cheers, Natalie.