Thursday, October 26, 2006

Ikea VIP!

The day arrived! I was an Ikea VIP! We had breakfast at the largest Ikea in the southern hemisphere, and was offered a free shot of schnapps to toast the opening of the store (which I declined, apart from the drinking at 8:30 am thing, I wasn't sure if I needed to drive today).

It was fun to get an un-crowded if not rushed tour of the facilities, and see all those shiny shiny things! BabyCakes does not quite understand my Ikea fetish, but is accepting of it, and indeed facilitated my sneak peak today!

I'm not sure if the Ikea people know yet, but they forgot to give me a call to tell me how I can pick up my $10k Ikea voucher, because I'm *sure* it was my turn to win their competition...

This is a picture of their ceremonial, store opening log... un-cut, of course (does that make it ruder?)... Unfortunately we couldn't stay for the log cutting, as BabyCakes and his boss needed to get back to work.

(The log cutting is a Swedish tradition to bring good luck and good guests - I think)

Oh, and we learnt that in Sweden, it is pronounced ee-key-ah, not the eye-key-ah that we Aussies tend to say...

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