Friday, October 20, 2006

I'm getting a brand spanking new door!

If one takes into account the money I get back from the body corporate, it isn't toooooooooo expensive either, for the difference it will make to my flat.

However, I have to paint my door myself. Apparently, if one stains one's door and it gets a bit of sun, it night need re-doing in as little as 3 months, whereas painting can potentially last for 20 years... and can't possibly cost me the $150 they wanted to charge me for staining/varnishing.

My odd size door does however require a 4 week waiting period, I guess I have time to pick a colour to paint my door!

After ordering a door, I went shopping for bits for Halloween costumes for my partner (now known on my blog as "BabyCakes", because I can, and because he'll probably cringe everytime he reads it! - that, and the fact that those who know him, will know he's not a very "BabyCakes" kinda guy)... so I went shopping for stuff to make BabyCakes and my Halloween costume. Who would have thought finding a Crow-esque long trench coat in spring, in the sub-tropics would be difficult?

Luckily, my costume is much easier to put together!! Unfortunately for you dear reader, I can't reveal my outfiit till after the party... Queen of cheese that I am, I can't be too literal when deciding on an outfit...

I'd best be off to start manufacturing BabyCakes' trench coat, and not wearing out this blog thing in the first day!

Happy Birthday to my brother hiding out on the other side of the world, in Amarillo Texas!
Have a Shiner Bock on me! (I learnt a new word - or beer!)

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Rastas said...

Yayyyy Baby Cakes, take a bow..... It is soooo cringe-worthy!!