Monday, June 02, 2008

Home, Home on a Plane....

It was a long flight, very long, but we made it home safely. Dog and cat have been most happy to see us, and mooch around us as often as possible... cat rarely lets a lap be un-sat upon!

I've updated some of the posts I made whilst we were away with some photos. The rest of the photos are on my facebook account, so those that don't know how to see them, leave me a note and I'll send you the details.

After some discussion, we decided to give into our wii craving, given it had not gone away and we both felt it, and bought one duty free on our way back into the country. It saved us about $30 - not huge, but better than a poke in the eye!

We also wanted a wii fit, but they didn't have any at the duty free shop, so had to settle for getting one from the local shops the day after we got back. Wii has been somewhat of a focal point of our attentions and energy since we got back especially with the rain we've had. Both Friday and Saturday nights we ended up having nights at home with family, and the wii.... they all want one now too!

We managed to spend some time in the garden on the weekend, doing some weeding, and scattering of some lawn seed in the hopes that it might take root in the midst of all the rain.

I've also started on my post-wedding project - the budget - or at this stage, just simply tracking how and where we spend our money. I really want to get on top of this so that we can set and meet financial goals so that we can do somethings around the house, and even save up for another trip. It was heartening to work out today that despite spending at will on our trip, we were a grand total of $42.07 over budget for it - it is worth the money to not worry about it for the duration!

It is good to be home, I'm looking forward to moving on with our lives together. :)

P.S. Wifey, if you read this, I completely forgot when you asked about cool wedding presents to mention the gorgeous hand-made quilt my Aunt made for us - it is stunning and is WAY up there - just have to work out if we hang it or put it on a bed!

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