Monday, June 09, 2008

Creating Space

Yesterday I created a new blog to document some home projects. I know I could have posted about them here, but I want to get fairly specific to be able to track some things and work out how frequently tasks re-occur etc, and I figured that is hardly riveting blog material!

If you want to read that blog, feel free, but hopefully, I can talk about different things in different spaces so as not to bore every one!

BabyCakes and I were delighted to hear of the safe arrival of our new niece this week, a healthy 3.3kg, 52cm girl was delivered via c-section on Wednesday 4th of June. Mum and bub are doing well. Her birthday should be easy to remember given that my eldest brother and an Aunt share a birthday on the 3rd of June - I hope you both had great days if you are reading!

Saturday night also saw us drive to the other side of town to visit with one of BabyCakes' cousins who was celebrating his 36th birthday this weekend... seems like June is a birthday hot spot!

We seem to be surrounded by babies and pregnancy at the moment - I guess that it was bound to happen at some stage. We've had a few people hint and not so subtly suggest that it will be our turn next.....

....don't hold your breath. Babies still scare the crap out of me too much to deliberately try for one!


Girl Clumsy said...

Hey CCL!

New blog, hey? I try to tell the Wah blogging is addictive but he won't believe me! ;)

I see you've installed the new blog list function - I had a look at that the other day but haven't decided to put it on yet...

Cheers, Nat.

Crazy Cat Lady said...

Hiya Nat,

It is interesting that this is the first blog/journal/diary etc that has lasted more than about a week. I was quite happy that I've managed to maintain it semi-regularly.

I installed the blog list thing as a lazy option - now I can come to one place and see if the blogs I read have been updated!

As always, thanks for the comment!