Saturday, January 19, 2008

Wedding Minus Fifteen Weeks

How scary does that heading look? I can also tell you that it is 105 days away - and that's not because I counted, but because a piece of wedding planning software I have tells me.

This week I've really kicked back into thinking about wedding plans. I've ordered favor components, new return address labels (that's what a move does for you!), spoken to the dress maker, revisited the budget and guest list, confirmed the ceremony location, spoken to a chair supplier for the ceremony, and tomorrow I'm meeting up with most of the women who will be involved in the wedding to have a catch up, girlie day and planning session. I've decided to start BabyCakes and myself on the CSIRO Wellbeing Diet. It looks like a lifestyle option and is specifically balanced to ensure all daily guidelines are met... and comes with shopping lists too - how cool is that?

I've also taken to writing lots of lists. Having said all that, it doesn't particularly stress me. I keep wondering what I've not thought about that I need/want, and most of it is organised. Most of it is able to be organised and most of it is affordable. I'm glad that I have relatively simple tastes and sense of balance. I can see how easily everything could get out of hand if one was remotely extravagant.

Mostly, I'm glad to hear the reports of relatives buying their airfares. That makes everything that much more real. I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone, all together. It doesn't happen often.

I'm looking forward to the dress being made, that will be exciting - it's the first time I've had clothing custom made for me, and the more I go shopping, the more I'm glad I found a reasonable dressmaker, because off the rack just doesn't fit me at the moment (big boobs are not the joy most people expect them to be).

I'm getting married... and I'm looking forward to it!

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