Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Long Way Away

Yesterday the newest member of our family arrived. Little Thomas (who at 9 pound 7 (4.28kgs) is much bigger than little Chloe born 10 days ago...), was born yesterday at 9:15am local time. Mother and baby are doing well.

I was at work basking in the happiness of the news when suddenly it hit that I was not there to share this special moment with the proud parents (both people I consider to be friends with, not just related), and not be able to hold the little baby. (Something I'm sure BabyCakes is probably quietly happy to avoid... all those baby pheromones that make people want one of their own)

It was odd to suddenly feel the weight of distance anew, despite having come to terms with it an age ago.

I miss my brother, and his lovely fiancée, and I look forward to meeting their brand new little boy.

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Caroline said...

It would be lovely if you and the rest of your eastern sided family (that includes Mr Cakes) could meet our little boy - he is just so beautiful.
You'll get to meet him when we bring him over for your wedding, but I understand that it does suck not being able to see them when they're still brand new.

We miss you too! <3