Monday, May 21, 2007


I'm starting to have nightmares about the wedding...

I woke up in the early hours of this morning quite distressed because of a dream where I had been almost hysterical when I'd worked out that I'd made a very stupid and obvious mistake by trying to move the wedding overseas the week before the date.... Someone - I'm not sure who - talked me into it, and just as everything was getting set up I had a huge panic attack, realising that i was going to have 150 people turn up in Brisbane, not the tropical island I was on. So I yelled at and generally hyperventilated on Paul Keating - because he's such an obvious guest to have at our wedding!

I had another weird dream about the wedding last week too (but in the way of dreams I can't remember what it was now).

BabyCakes thinks this last one stems from the weekend, where we stopped in at the venue for the Engagement Party, and found out that we and the venue had a different understanding of what we were hiring. We found out we didn't have the space allocated that we thought we did. There was a HUGE miscommunication because they did not clarify and I did not clarify - they knew what they thought they were asking, and we thought we did too, but we didn't. I'm just glad that I have a week to wrap my head around it, because if I had turned up on the day to be told, I would have either cried or yelled - it was even pretty close when I was told - I started getting red, and then I processed the thoughts more, and got redder, and thought of it more and got redder.... I had to walk away and just deal with it without getting the staff there offside.

Now I'm at a point of "it is what it is" because we can't change it. I shan't be taking my business back to the venue for quite a while though.


Raoul said...

Ah yes, the stress of weddingness. Fun isn't it? I don't go red though, I just turn green and rip my shirt off.
Then I get cold quickly and put it back on again. :-)
Good luck keeping the stress and Paul Keating dreams to a minimum!

jacqui said...

renee, i hope that it all goes well regardless. congratulations! have a great time.


The Wah said...

So I guess you won't be using it for your next engagement party?



kidding! kidding! Call off Babycakes and his Right Hook of Fury!

esie75 said...

But you know what? None of us knew any different on the night :) The engagement soiree went really smoothly, and everyone had a great time! When I was telling people at work that I was going to an engagement party and would be playing barefoot bowls, they all thought it was a really cool idea!