Friday, May 04, 2007

May the 4th Be With You.......

My brother sent it to me... I couldn't help but pass it on! (get it??? May 4th... that's today's date har har har!)

Yesterday was a big day for BabyCakes and I - it was our minus one anniversary... 12 months to the day of our wedding - how very exciting!!

We had also inadvertently booked in to meet with our celebrant yesterday, to make sure he was the right one for us, which on having a more in depth chat, he is! It seems quite serendipitous that our first official meeting was one year to the day before the wedding.

We filled out our Notice of Intention to Marry too, so the government knows we want to marry!

The day got bigger too.........

BabyCakes is now a one car man! Someone finally came up with the money for the Commodore. He's a young guy who works for an upholstery company, so he can fix up the interior which was starting to show how old it was... The guy was very excited by the work BabyCakes had done on it, saying "Everything I would have done, you did do!".

I hope he enjoys his new car, I know BabyCakes did. He's done exceptionally well seeing it go; some sadness, but overall, mostly happy... especially to have a big cheque in his hand!

Oh, and Happy Birthday for yesterday Carbs!


Rastas said...

What is that big stain on the road... Evidence of the need to get rid of it, or some one marking their territory???

Crazy Cat Lady said...

I'm not 100% I think it was overflow reservoirs being checked etc. It was secret boy business that happened before I got out there to say goodbye and document the moment.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! i think you've picked the best date for your wedding :P i'll never forget your anniversary this way!