Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A Cat Shows It Loves You......

By bringing you presents you wish you didn't have... like dead rats.

Don't get me wrong, I'd rather she picked on rats than birds, but still - EW!

Luckily BabyCakes likes me showing my feminine side, which manifests itself in this situation by giving him the plastic bag and asking him to "deal with it".

I guess now I have to frock up and show BabyCakes how much I like his masculinity in a decidedly feminine way!


The Wah said...

It looks like both the rat and cat have had a hard night drinking!

Crazy Cat Lady said...

The rat had a very hard night... rigor mortis kinda hard... don't know about the drinking though.

The cat does look like she's trying to get some spooning action though!

Rastas said...

The cat was trying to place a cat vs mouse perspective on it... How small would the mouse have looked if it was on its own???

"Clever Cat, that one is" [yoda voice off]