Monday, November 05, 2007

Why Doesn't Everyone Understand How Important Today Is?

The managing agent told us weeks ago that she'd booked in to do the post tenant inspection first thing this morning, which was great, because it meant that we expected to be able to get into our house by about lunchtime.

At about 1pm BabyCakes range the agent to find out what's happening, and she said that she was planning to leave the office soon, and then had to do a report and that maybe by about 3pm she *might* be in a spot to give us our keys (ok, maybe she didn't quite word it like that, but it feels like it).

So, I'm home from work, and going stir crazy, I just want to start moving some of the mountains of boxes.


Thanks Rastas for your comment this morning on my last post... it made me smile!


Caroline said...

the reason they don't understand is because they're in real estate, which makes them in league with the devil, like lawyers :P

I hope you enjoy moving into your new home, I'm so happy for you and b-cakes.

The Wah said...

Remember.. pastels are the enemy

But then again I am colourblind

Rastas said...

Are ya there yet??? Huh??? Huh????