Monday, September 17, 2007

Step Three!

Today the contract on the flat became unconditional :)

Now we get to go shopping for our new home.

The current forerunner is this "fixer upper". The fact that it is an auction is somewhat intimidating.

We spent the weekend at the Neurum Creek Acoustic Music Festival and had a fabbo time, forging some new friendships. BabyCakes and I both had our first taste of acupuncture, and BabyCakes especially had some fantastic results (his back responded very well).

The weekend was a lovely camping experience (despite the deflating air mattress that came with a patch kit that didn't actually come with enough glue to completely secure the patch....), mixed in with some great music and a low key vibe.

We really relaxed over the course of the weekend, and enjoyed socialising with our friends, new and old.


Caroline said...

YAY lift! makes taking the shopping in nice and easy!

Anne C. said...

Congrats on the unconditional contract..yay!!!

The house has lots of potential - the lounge room looks as through it is quite large.