Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I'm Getting Really Excited!

This week I've been looking at (in some detail) two big ticket items for the upcoming nuptials - the honeymoon, and the photographer.

For the honeymoon we are going to go on an Alaskan glacier cruise up the inside passage (not as rude as it sounds people!). I found this news article today, which has made me pretty much wiggle with excitement. I think that because I have been in contact with travel agents, and BabyCakes and I have settled on an outline itinerary that things are finally seeming very real.

It turns out that if one wants to cruise in May, now is about the time one should investigate them for the best (earlybird) prices. We've picked our cruise (best value for money for us), which fits into our schedule and now, I think just about all there is left to do is give someone money for it!

We'll also have a few days in Vancouver before we cruise, to hopefully catch up with my wifey and see the sights.


I met a photographer at the weekend wedding expo I went to, which was really cool, till I read what his fee was! After much deliberation and to-ing and fro-ing I have come to the conclusion that I think I will regret skimping on this, despite how much I want to come in on budget for it. The budget has already been upgraded once to accommodate photography (not an initial priority), but the more time goes on, the more it seems necessary to get the *right* photographer for us. That's not the cheapest one, nor the most expensive one, but the one that will give us what we want, in a way that works for us.

Jason seems like a good fit, and a guy who has similar value structure to me when it comes to weddings! He shares copyright with the client, so we can get them printed anywhere, and he will have prints done for us, virtually at cost price. He and another photographer will be in attendance till the job is finished (no clock watching), and each picture supplied on disk will have time spent on it for colour correction etc. He has some spectacular shots on his website, and his corporate site has amazing photos too. I think the time involved alone will prove value for money, before the artistry of the shots are taken into account. I look forward to having some spectacular photos of our own.


Anonymous said...

Yay for fish eye lenses!
His work seems really good, i didn't see any 'soft focus'. Yay for that too.

I'm really happy for you and Babycakes and am totally looking forward to the Big Day!!

Jimmy Jo Jo thinks we should steal your tickets for the honeymoon too.

Crazy Cat Lady said...

I was heartened to see the lack of soft focus too... so many photographers do go there - an easy thing to do when trying to impress the romance of the day I guess!

I think *I* should steal our honeymoon tickets! It's gunna be a great trip. We figure we need to get some traveling in before we make babies (or maybe even *while* we do).

Best we can offer you for our honeymoon, is you can stay at our place for a couple of weeks (while we're gone) and have a Queensland holiday.... (and feed our cat!)