Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A Sad Day

Today my brother, who has recently come back from the U.S., told me his wife of four and a half years told him she did not plan to join him in Australia.

He's recently moved up to Rockhampton, having organised a job and a house, expecting that his wife and child would join him soon. Seemingly his wife did not expect him to do so well in providing these necessities and was almost upset when he called to tell her.

What this also means is that my brother misses out on seeing his son and given that he cannot go back to the U.S. for some time, doesn't have much opportunity to see him unless his (now estranged) wife brings the child to him.

I'm saddened for my brother and my thoughts are with him in this frustrating and devastating time.

Unfortunately, I'm not surprised that this is where things have got to. The longer my brother was without them, the easier it was going to be for her to not make the move. Shocking as it is.


Anonymous said...

I was not surprised either sadly. A woman who can't make a decision or do anything without her mother's approval/input had me fearing exactly this. She appears to have decided 'Too hard, too scary, don't try.'
Her 3rd marriage is now over and I question how seriously she treats such an institution.
Infuriated and left shaking my head.

James said...

God damn it, why'd she have to do that? Its not just because he's my brother either, but that kind of thing makes me very angry. The fact that its my brother makes me sad.
To end a marriage is one thing, but to have a child that they both love and do something like this which effectively cuts him off with little chance of being able to see little P... makes my blood boil!

Girl Clumsy said...

Hi Renee and family,

This is a truly terribly thing and I'm being very restrained in saying this woman sounds like a selfish coward.

I wish your brother well in his new job and new town - and I certainly hope he remains a part of this child's life.

Lis said...

i think Ben is fantastic, i absolutely adore him but lets be realistic, did anyone for one minute actually think she would pack up her life as she knows it and move to Australia? I might do it and i'm sure alot of others would BUT i am NOT in my late 40's. This woman is approaching 50 in a year or so, she has her home and her life, now she is being asked to pack it all in, start again. Then What? would she adapt? would everyone be welcoming? or would she be made to feel like an outsider? Its a big ask. Love DOESN'T always win and in this case they both are way too different to have thought they could have made it. Sadly Patrick is the one who will suffer, Ben will survive n so will Melody.

Important thing is to support Ben because he will need it and any feelings we may all be feeling won't help him. Ben is a great guy who deserves to be happy and from the bottom of my heart i hope he finds both peace and happiness.